Yunnan Afternoon ?>

Yunnan Afternoon

Last year in July I made a recipe for Our/Berlin Vodka and this is how it turned out:


Yunnan Afternoon:

serves 2 – 3 ppl

120 ml white tea infused Our/Berlin Vodka
20 ml Dry Vermouth (Dolin in this case)
10 ml Lillet Blanc
6 dashes of grapefruit bitter
✴︎ stir with ice and lemon peel
✴︎ fill a tea pot with lots of ice and strain the liquid over it
✴︎ garnish with a lemon wheel without zest
✴︎ pour like 30 ml into a tiny tea cup or some kinda small glas
✴︎ top up whenever and observe the change in flavour as the liquid merge with the diluted ice which make it slightly sweeter, and if you want to enhance the citrus note just muddle the lemon wheel in the cup gently


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